Directions for the Student Survey

Please write a complete sentence for each answer, putting down all the thoughts you can share about having class with me this year. You cannot leave any boxes blank, and the survey is long. However, as long as you please, please answer each question that you have an opinion on and don't rush through, you may write "Nothing." as an answer in some boxes. For example, if a question asks what you want to change about the class, you could put "Nothing." to save time. Click the link below to start. Work silently throughout class today. YOU MAY LISTEN TO MUSIC.

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What Will You Learn This Semester?
This is the longest part of your semester. You will have the intro unit, which will make you a Lab Pro, then a touch typing unit, followed by a unit about being a good digital citizen.

    During Unit:
    - What is home-row typing?
    - Intro to online typing lessons at
    - Complete typing lessons.
    - Test speed and accuracy.
    - Find your favorite typing games.

    After Unit:
    - Type for five minutes each class.
    - Practice at home.
    - Every Wednesday, we test our speed and accuracy.
    - Track typing speed and compete against the class using our wall tracker.

  1. Design Cycle

  1. PowerPoint

    During Unit:
    - Intro to PowerPoint.
    - How to open, close, and save files to your wiki.
    - Thinking Maps in PowerPoint.
    - How to use SmartArt.

    After Unit:
    - Continue to use PowerPoint to create Thinking Maps for class.
    - Upload and organize your Thinking Maps on your wiki.


    During Unit:
    - Stay safe with P.R.E.D.A.T.O.R.S.
    - Be a responsible digital citizen.
    - Infographics in PowerPoint.
    - Create a Rings of Responsibility comic.

    After Unit:
    - Continue to use PowerPoint to create Thinking Maps for class.
    - Upload and organize your Thinking Maps on your wiki.

    During Unit:
    - Intro to logging in, using your flash drive, and saving files.
    - Create your own Gmail account, at home.
    - Intro to Gmail.
    - Intro to Wikispaces.
    - Create your own wiki.
    - How to save files to your wiki.
    - Keeping your wiki organized.

    After Unit:
    - Continue to use your wiki to create a portfolio of your work.

Next: Mad SKILLZ

    During Unit:
    - Learn how spreadsheets can help you in classes like science and math
    - Learn the fundamentals of spreadsheets
    - Learn how to work effectively in a group
    - With a group, create a presentation using a spreadsheet to make a scientific point.

    After Unit:
    - Use spreadsheets for the rest of school and college any time you need to create a graph or do repetitive calculations.

Step 3. THE iCiNG

Complete a student evaluation.

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